Affiliate Program & Membership Information:

Free And Easy!

Bonus:  $75.00 CASH

The first thing you will need to do is to join the Deutsch Friesenhahn Fine Art & Draw And Paint School Affiliate Program (see below).  There is no cost to join this program, and signing up is easy.  Once you have joined, choose a banner and/or text link to use.  Once you have added the coded link to your email and/or website, you will be paid for anyone who joins Draw And Paint School or purchases any print or painting from Deutsch Friesenhahn Fine Art using your coded link(s).  You will automatically be credited 20% of sales.  

Anyone signing up, using your affiliate link(s), will make you extra money.  Checks will be written and sent out monthly. Minimum monthly check is $30.00. Any monies made will be forwarded to the next month(s) until the $30.00 minimum is met. You can check your stats at any time to see how much you've earned at: Use the user name and password that was used to sign up in the program.

How To Make Money Using This Affiliate Program 

When people join & pay, using your Affiliate ID number, you will get 20% cash for each one.  Also, for each person that signs up and pays using the Affiliate ID number of a person who YOU signed up,  you will ALSO earn another 5% cash.  In other words... You sign up 1 person, you get 20% , they sign up 5 people, you get another 25% (5% X 5 people = 25%)! 

If you sign up 5 paying people you will get 20% X 5 = 100% plus if they each sign up 5 people and you will get 25 people X 5% = 125% or a total of 225%!  A CASH EXAMPLE would be... You sign up 5 people and make = $7.99 ea. X 5 people = $39.95.  And if all 5 of the people you signed up, also sign up 5 people, you get 5% of each of those fees ($2.00 each) =  $2.00 X 5 people = $10.00 X 5 more people = $50.00  ... or you make a total of $39.95 + $50.00 = $89.95! Sign up more people and make more money!






Places You Can Advertise For Free

  • AOL MEMBERS... Did you know that you can place up to 20 ads for FREE on AOL?  Check your aol site for more information.

  • Place your TEXT LINK into the 'SIGNATURE' on your email.  Every time you send someone an email, your link will be on the bottom of the email.

  • NEWSGROUPS - Join some newsgroups. FOLLOW THEIR RULES FOR POSTING!  This can be the easiest and fastest way to get new people signed up.  Find newsgroups to join at: and

  • Ads:  e-Classifieds has many FREE classified ad sites. 

 You can also use this Recommend-It link to email a note to your friends. Be sure to put YOUR AFFILIATE LINK in it so that all your friends have to do is click onto your link.

Thanks, Cathy